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Waste not, want more?

Chorlton Plant Swap is a free resource to help you fill your gardening space with lovely plants - ornamentals and edibles! It’s easy to create spare plants from your existing ones. Many do the job for you by self-seeding or spreading. Most seed packs have far more seeds than any one person wants to use, so these too can be shared. Find out more about how to make new plants.

Save money, save time, save the world
Save money, save on trips to garden centres, meet other lovely gardeners. 
Swapping can happen all year round through our Google group at

Helping each other

Garden exploding over its borders? You can offer without receiving.
Just starting out or been visited by a plague of slugs? You can ask without giving ... within reason.
It’s fun to swap but not essential – most gardeners are generous folk.

Register on the Google group to get swapping and receive news about live swap events and other interesting happenings.

Tree Pit Planting
Help make your pavement tree bask in beautiful surroundings by planting up its 'tree-pit' thanks to our handy guide.

Live swaps
Join us at The Big Green Happening on Saturday 26 April 1-5pm at St Clements Church in Chorton. Bring with you any seeds (open packs fine, just make sure they are not out of date), seedling and plants that you have spare. Healthy specimens only please.
There's loads of other stuff going on at the event, food, drink, music and lots of other juice green happenings. Find out more on their website at

Do offer to help out on the stall; you don't need to know loads about plants, just be friendly and helpful ....

Chorlton & Friends Gardeners' Group are running a swap on 16 June at Chorlton Library. There's no website but the library should have information.

Hope you can get involved. Please let us know, even if it's provisionally and we can always get back to you. Email Danielle at If you hear of any events that could benefit from our attendance, do let us know via the Google group or by email

Please make sure that you read our guidelines: by using this site and entering into any swaps as a result, you are agreeing to follow them. Spammers and other such pests will be mercilessly splatted.
If you need to email us, we're at: