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Grow thrifty veg: how to grow your own food without costing the earth

"I am writing a guide to low cost fruit and vegetable growingthat I would like to see shared as widely as possibly because I think everyone should be able to grow some of their own food at minimum cost. Many articles in the media encourage people to save money by growing fruit and vegetables in unrealistically expensive ways.
The focus here is on minimum cost and maximum use of existing resources. For instance, making your own compost, building a cold-frame from old bricks, saving seeds, using parts of plants you hadn't considered and lots more. All the growing advice and plant care is in a way that cares for the environment, wildlife and people's expenditure. It is intended to be useful to both new and more experienced gardeners.
" Danielle Lowy, Chorlton Plant Swap

Who wants to wait ages for a useful book to be ready? No-one! And there's no need to as individual chapters are being made available as soon as they are written! You can start making use of the thrifty growing articles below.  

The hope is to find a funder to get booklets printed so they can be made available available to people on low income, via food banks and other local organisations working to reduce food poverty in Greater Manchester. It would be wonderful to set up a buddying system to support people new to growing as some people find the first steps daunting? Contact Danielle if you'd like to contribute.

Read some of the Booklet's first chapters

more to come


more to come
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